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Based in Atlanta, GA and founded in 2018, Her Creative Touch Management is a small but well-connected business. Providing our partners with eminence and hands on services, we deliver progressive results. We strive to help our partners BUILD a network of connections, GROW into their purpose, and THRIVE in their companies pass any expectations.

When You Choose Her Creative Touch...

Personal Connection

We aspire to have personal connections with our clients, so that as we help them grow, the trust will be present that we always carry out a marketing plan that best represents their company through any stage of growth.

Marketing Strategies

We meet with our clients quarterly to review and discuss their business. As needed, new marketing strategies are developed so their business keeps current in this fast-paced digital age.

Network Connectivity

We give our clients access to network with our partners to further advance the reach of their business.

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Tatyana Wright
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